CEO: James Hall


Mr. Hall has always been a visionary, and had an interest in the hair industry.  His journey began when he saw a young man on the streets using a plastic bag to smooth out his hair waves back in July 2007, Mr. Hall inquisitive mind went to work.  He asked his Auntie Frankie Mae to teach him how to sew and if he could he borrow her sewing machine, so she showed him how to sew and  Mr. Hall went to work sewing everything he could.  He came up with the prototype using a table mat and an old curtain he still didn't have a name for this funny looking product. So he did what he has always done and that was to pray to God and ask Him for direction and a name for the new hair product.  It didn't come immediately but around 3am the next morning Mr. Hall heard a voice in his sleep "WAVE SMOOTHER."  After he heard the name Wave Smoother he couldn't go back to sleep.  Instead he stayed up and gave God praise because he knew he had something special.  With no money and the questions of "What to do next?" he again went to God.  "What do I do with only $12?"  He again heard that same voice say "Go purchase 2 cases of water and go door to door to raise the money you need." He did just that!  To Walmart he went and bought 2 cases of water that cost him $6 bucks. With $6 left to his name, determination and an  amazing women who believed in him off he went to make his dream come true.  With a duffel bag full of water, Mr. Hall was ready to take on the world.  His mother called him crazy, one of his sister's laughed so hard she hit the floor "you're going to do what?" she said, Yep I'm going door to door.  Another one of his sister's gave him $20 on the way out the door.  Door to door he went and door by door people shut the door and called him crazy some even asked if he was on drugs.  So discouraged he went home ready to throw in the towel, but his girlfriend at the time Tiffany L. McGriff before she became his wife on the second day told him to get his butt out there and show them who he was created to be.  Door to door he went, but not alone Miss McGriff was right there by his side encouraging him along the way and that day they raised over $500 for mass production and the Wave Smoother was birthed. That was then and now we have a product selling across the world! All Praises to the Most High God!

"Never be afraid to follow your dreams,  be afraid not to."

-James Hall Jr. 

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