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Why We Believe Grooming Is So Important

Grooming is not something we just do, it helps define who we are, it gives us a self-worth that words can not even express. Women have known these facts for years and now men around the world have taken a greater appreciation for being well groomed. We have all heard this old saying “Make Your First Impression Your Best Impression” and you can do just that with the “Revolutionary WAVE SMOOTHER.”

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How We’re Changing Lives With One Wave Smoother At A Time!

We understand that to whom “Much is given Much is required.” So when you purchase a WaveSmoother or any WaveSmoother branded products, a percentage goes to a charitable foundation. Foundations such as rehabilitation centers for young men of color, to help them get on the right track, Ronald McDonald House, Saint Jude Children’s Hospital, and something we’ve been doing for years helping to feed the homeless. “It’s not by choice we’re doing these things, it is our obligation and duty.” - James Hall Jr. CEO

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Men of Color are Facing an Identity Crisis

Throughout the United States and across the world men are facing this issue and in many cases identity crisis are even claiming lives. We all understand that grooming is very important on the outside and that’s where we come in to help. True beauty build your confidence, but true beauty is on the inside, and that’s something no one can take away, So words of encouragement “Live Your Best Life We are Leaders, Teachers, & Inventors of our generation.”

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Wave Smoother


The Wave Smoother takes the plastic bag method to a whole new level. It allows you to maintain your hair  waves on the go, without carrying a brush. The design gives you just enough compression to smooth out your wave, giving you an improved finished. The product quality is excellent, and long lasting. The Best Wave Tool On The Market Hands Down!


Wave Grease


Wave Smoother Wave Grease Try our all natural wave grease with Aloe, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil & Hemp Seed Oil, It's sure to shine your hair waves & moisturize at the same time!


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